Dirty or mouldy ducts and coils have been linked to a whole host of health and allergy-related issues. These include various respiratory illnesses that can contribute to frequent colds and coughs and even Legionnaires disease in severe instances.


Typical properties only require this service every 2 years depending on usage. Upon arrival, our team of expert technicians begin by sealing plastic covers down over all furniture and flooring surrounding the work area. Only then do we use our market-leading Rotobrush equipment, which is the only duct cleaning equipment that both brushes and sucks the dirt away in one process thereby preventing the risk of contamination within your home. Once completed, our technicians will then apply antibacterial and anti-fungal deodorizers, leaving your ducts both clean and safe

The Rotobrush includes large 28-inch and 30-inch brushes which rotate at 450pm to loosen even the toughest debris from the walls. As it falls, the debris is immediately sucked into the Rotobrush chamber using the powerful vacuum located behind the head of the brushes, giving you an exceptional clean. The rotating cable is enclosed within the hose, making it safe to use in every type of duct application, including flexible ductwork.

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