About our company

Established in 2007 and backed by a team of professionals with extensive experience, London Quick fix, is one of the most relaiable maintenance company in Abu Dhabi. We focus on providing you with outstanding customer service and technical expertise, through our highly professional and experienced workforce. London Quick fix adopts international standards of quality & safety policies to meet and exceed both explicit and implicit customer expectations.

London Quick Fix employs experienced professionals lead by a highly qualified management team that understands the maintenance industry well. London Quick Fix runs on the latest technology which streamlines operations, service management and customer service. The company utilizes modern equipment and techniques to minimize downtime and ensure employee and customer safety.

We are not just here to fix your problems. We are here to help you avoid them in the first place.

Why We are special ?

We are specialists in creating and maintaining quality environment and surroundings for dwelling and corporate purposes. Our manpower includes engineers and skilled and trained maintenance workers; each of them is highly experienced, in delivering quality solutions to projects of different magnitudes.